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Timeless & Elegant Leather Made Modern & Antique Sling Bags, Shoulder Sling Bags, Purses, Bags, Files and Folders Are Served Here.

About Us

Every customer in this present age thinks of investing money in those leather items, which guarantee longer-serving. Customers' desires of getting longer-serving leather goods seem to be increasing the work of companies, which had their focus only on serving trendy leather goods rather longer-serving leather goods. General Leather House is a part of the list of those companies, which have been laying their complete focus over manufacturing of fashionable, quality best, durable and excellent return giving leather items.

From 2003, business roles of a manufacturer and trader are being best played by our company. Constantly, we have been serving Leather Sling Bags, Leather Shoulder Sling Bags, Leather Pouch Bag, Ladies Leather Wallet, Leather Cover Diary, and other leather made items in quality. Timelessness is the best factor, which hints that our leather goods range is worth-buying.

Worthy Leather Products

Worthy of customers money, our leather collection is made using strong leather that withstands tear and wear. We use a light surface coat to prevent our leather offerings from tarnishing and staining. Also a process of pigmentation is performed on the entire range to ensure excellent durability of leather. We use polymer based coating with pigments to enhance our leather items appearance along with strength.

A Responsible Company

General Leather House is a responsible and progressive company that makes customers, employees and associates happy by dealing with one and all ethically. For customers, our company works as a responsible company by meeting their demands, designing unique leather products and making prompt shipping. For employees, our company provides safe working premises and conducts training sessions to boost their knowledge. For associates, our company indulges in responsible commerce and ensure lasting relationships are maintained.

Get Variety

Our leather goods production house has state-of-the-art-facilities for designing Leather Sling Bags, Leather Shoulder Sling Bags, Leather Pouch Bag, Ladies Leather Wallet and other products. Using modern facilities, variety is served from our end in the Indian market in following forms:
  • Color- Dark to light, we have all tones of leather goods for casual dates and outdoor parties.
  • Texture- Soft to hard, we have all textures to meet modern clients' needs.
  • Finish- Shiny to matte, we have leather bags, diaries, files and folders in great finish.

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